Which 50"-55" Set?


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Having been with a 40" Samsung BD650 for a few years, it's time to upgrade to a newer, bigger set and just after a few thoughts:

Price - willing to pay up to £2000 if the set / deal is right. Although I would much, much prefer not to spend anywhere near that if I can.

Screen Size - 50"-55" Max

Uses - BluRay, Sky HD (sports especially), Sky SD, Gaming (low input lag required), 3d (more for when my 1.3 amp gets upgraded).

Not fussed on LCD / LED / Plasma (I hold no candle to them).

When watching films at night I like to have no other lights on so black levels have to be truly excellent and light bleed minimal.

Currently looking at

Samsung ES8000
Panasonic GT / ST / VT

Ideally, I'd like one that comes with 3d glasses in the box, poss a 3d bluRay player bundled, but not a deal breaker.

Is the ES8000 worth it over the earlier models or is it just a bit gimmicky? I love the design and have loved my current samsung for some time...

Is the VT50 worth it over the ST? Would I really notice the difference in an out of the box scenario? I heard the ST has 0 input lag, whereas the VT50 has 2-3 (not much I know).

Smart TV capability, is it all pretty standard stuff these days in terms of content? Any better supported / less issues than another? Samsung seem to be selling this quite heavily - is it that good? (not fussed about voice control...)

I'm heading to Richer Sounds and John Lewis this weekend for demos of various sets, so I'll see for myself, but v interested to know what people's thoughts are. Any other sets you would recommend? The choice doesn't have the be the flagship models...

Currently leaning towards the TXP50ST50, which I've seen for £999 with 3d blu ray player but no glasses... Which seems fantastic value, or have I just been a marketeers dream?

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