which 4k tv for £700-£800


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ok need some good advise
I have £700-£800 for a new 4k tv, it cant be any bigger than 50" due to it going into an alcove on a wall mount. image quality is my priority.
ideally although i know i will be struggling with my budget i would like hd premium, also i want as much future proofing as possible,hdr(dont know if hdr is workable at this price), 3 hdmi, smart tv, on borad wifi.
im gonna have sky q installed and will mosty be watching football(most sports), gaming and films.

so any suggestions


You will be better off looking at 2016 models at a discount rather than 2017 models. Problem right now is the 2016 ones are very thin on the ground, so finding one is very difficult. Yet 2017 models remain overpriced.

At 50" there are no high end HDR tv's at all, only at best mid range. Within budget you may be able to find the 2016 Samsung KS series TVs still. KS7000/7500/8000/9000 otherwise you have to make a big step down in quality for HDR only to look at TVs that just have better colour with HDR rather than brightness.

I have a question though, why do you feel the need to go for HDR? What will you be using that is HDR?

And how far will you view the TV? you have to view a lot closer to a UHD TV to notice a difference between UHD and FHD. Optimally you want to view less than a metre away from a 50" TV.

For many people UHD isn't always an upgrade and isn't necessarily needed. UHD vs FHD


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hdr because i want to future proof as much as possible. With samsung, do i need to be nervous about build quality? Is hisense just cheap and cheerful? or should i stay in my comfort zone with sony or panasonic?
and no problem with viewing distance


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hdr because i want to future proof as much as possible.

Standards aren't planned far enough in advance and manufacturers don't support their TVs well enough for that to be meaningful. For example it's still unclear whether any TV on the market will support the DVB standards needed for broadcast HDR TV.

By all means use it as a tie breaker if you can't decide, but focus on what best fits your requirements now and in the next year or two.

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