Which 43" TV should I go for out of these 3 ?

Hi all,

Interested to hear anyone's views on what TV I should go for. Replacing a Samsung 40" TV from 2012

Requirements :
  • max 43" size. I know from reading this forum that bigger sets will generally have better features but this is a hard constraint.
  • budget £400ish
  • white (or possibly silver) frame/bezel. (to please the wife)
  • wall mountable (has to blend in with white shelves)
  • watching mainly TV then iPlayer, Netflix, Amazon, Disney

With a bit of searching I have found below
1) Philips 43 Inch 43PUS8105 - £330
Main draw is ambilight, which I've always wanted to try. However behind the TV will be a mix of wall and shelf so not sure how good this will look.
Concern from reviews I've read is that Philips OS is not as good as Samsung, LG etc and quite slow to respond (this could be a killer from the other half's point of view)
Silver surround so just about fit in aesthetically.

2) LG 43 inch 43UP7690 - £340
White surround looks nice. LG is perhaps a better brand than Philips, more reliable OS ?

3) Samsung UE43AU9010KXXU - £445
Bit beyond my original budget, but I've always had Samsung TVs in the past.
Seems to have some good reviews (similar sets bar colour) and very thin.



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Are 42" OLEDs going to be anywhere near the same price range though?

OPs budget was 400ish....


Are 42" OLEDs going to be anywhere near the same price range though?

OPs budget was 400ish....
No, I'd expect them to start at double that. Although to be honest spending £400 on an LCD today is almost throwing your money away. With a working TV already, you're better saving up and keeping what you have.

OP has a Samsung from 2012, in some ways their TVs back then they were selling then at smaller sizes are better than the TVs they sell now.

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