Which 40-49 Plasma or LCD to Purchase on a Budget

Lake Bum

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First off I would like to thank the participants of the AV Forum for your extensive knowledge as when I went to purchase my Plasma TV about a year ago this forum had a wealth of valuable knowledge which confirmed my decision to purchase the 50" Panasonic. Thanks again !!!

Now I have a question, I have a friend who is on a budget and needs to replace his failed primary projection screen TV and such has to fit within a 48" opening.

Are there any recommendations on either a Plasma or LCD TV for say sub $1,250 (including shipping or taxes) less than 48" overall dimensions which you guys and gals would highly recommend.

The TV will be used for primarily watching HDTV via Dish Network (a lot of sporting events) and an occasional DVD (not Blue ray) and is their primary viewing TV in their greatroom. Also a lot of sunlight in the room as well.

Also the TV will not be hooked up to a Home Theater system.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated as I am in now way an expert in this field and hoping to help a friend make the right decision on a major purchase. Thank you.


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I'm no expert, but all of my friends that have watch my Panasonic TC-42PX14 plasma have said it looks better than there LCD sets.

It was $699.- $50.instant rebate at Costco.:thumbsup:


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The 50" P50X10 is almost exactly 48" wide (1218mm) and the LG 50PQ6000 is the same, or the 42X10 will fit comfortably, around £730, £580 respectively.

The 46G10/S10 are dearer, around £1100

Jim Di Griz

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Easy answer - the 50" X10. Bargain price and will be perfect for the described needs! :thumbsup:

I was very tempted by this set (I got the 50" G10) because of the massive price difference....looked great when I demo'd it too but as my viewing distance is really short (6-7ft) I had to go for full 1080p.

As long as his viewing distance is 8ft+ Id go for the X10.

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