Which 3Dtv for gaming?


Hi everyone,

I am currently using the Samsung LE40R74BDX which I purchased around 5 years ago and is still performing solid but only does 720p.

However I will have some money next week to upgrade to a new tv and am thinking about getting the Samsung UE40D7000 or maybe the UE40D6510 depending on which performs better.

However as I have always preferred Samsungs for the choice of tv's I have noticed that the latest offerings seem to have a high lag response time of 40+ms as apposed to my current tv that is around 6ms I think.

So I am looking for some advice on which 40inch 3DTV LED would be the best for gaming and watching blu-ray movies.

Or should I just not bother getting one and wait?

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Thanks however its not very pleasing to look at, I did look at it before and its pretty hideous >.<


So how comes plasma's have made a comeback? Aren't LCD displays superior in terms of picture vibrancy? Especially LED LCD displays?

The other thing is what is confusing is that I thought ALL Active shutter 3Dtv's were full hd 1080p 3D this is what many websites are confirming however from having read on here it seems the Samsung 6 series are displaying 540p even though its active shutter?

Also I have kinda got my eyes locked on the Samsung UE40D7000 but am worried about the ms being soo high :( I might try and take my Xbox 360 into RGB and see if I can see how bad it is for myself however I know I will need to do a lot of tweaking just to get it down :(

Or has anything new been announced that is worth waiting for instead?

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