Which 3d tv


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Hi guys I currently have a Samsung Le 40a656 series 6 tv and am very happy with it .
However I'm starting to get the 3d itch and am thinking of upgrading.

The tv I have been thinking about is the Samsung UE 46d8000 as this looks like a cracking set.

How do these compare for picture quality? ie would the non 3d stuff on this set look as good as my current tv - detail, colour depth , motion handling etc.

How good does the 3d look on this set ?

I have read mainly positive things about this tv but am a bit concerned about jitter in fast moving scenes(which I dont really notice in the set I have)

I have a ps3 so I dont really need a separate 3d bluray player (unless this isnt a decent player for 3d)

My hdmi cable is currently 1.3 Will I need an upgrade for this as well?

Thanks for any help guys:lease:
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