Which 3d glasses to use with JVC X70


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Hi guys,

I recently got hold of a JVC X70, it came with 2 glasses but I need 2 more but I dont want to spend a lot of money on that so any ideas which glasses to go for? would samsung glasses work with it?


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The specific JVC projector you have (I believe, correct me if I'm wrong) is an IR (Infra-Red) Active 3D glasses and transmitter. My Projector, and Epson EH-TW9100W is an RF (Radio Frequency). So there is two types of Active 3D glasses / transmitter which is IR and RF. I learnt the hard way when I purchased the wrong type of glasses. Anyway back to the point, I've had a look on the Internet and saw a few that may work, I did find this though, after digging deep and looking round, haha, Like I said they may work. Sorry about the uncertainty
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the Xpand 104's work very well with your X70 and if you shop about they are going cheap

Allan ;) :D

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