Which 37" lcd?


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Hi peeps...

Just wondering 2 things if you can help?

Am in the market for a 37" LCD HD tele. In the recent issue of Home Cinema they reviewed some 37's in particular the Tosh 37wlt66. Anyone here read the reviews and which one came out on top?

As a last thing I have about £1000-£1100 for a lcd tv so if you can recommend anything that will make my xbox360 gaming superb and also look good for mostly SD stuff untill the xbox 360 HD-DVD player comes out?

Many thanks



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Same stiuation as me, my other requirments are:

HDMI Socket - Future HD use.
DVI\VGA Input - For PC usage - Dual DVI & VGA would be great!
Component - Xbox 360

Price - £1000-£1100

Upgrading from - Acer AL2671W - which i'm pretty pleased with, excellent picture, although black levels are average. Cheers.


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For that price the Tosh 37WL66 looks the best bet. Has recd very good reviews.

I am prob going to get myself one shortly.


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Just been looking at another thread and the Phillips 37PF9731 sound like a nice set.

Sadly is out of the price range though.


Be certain to take a look at the LG 37LC2R (or D for integrated freeview tuner). A very good screen for a very good price!

I'm ordering it myself later today.


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yeah i've got the Lg 37'' LC2D

i think it's brilliant and works very very well with my HTPC. Also got my 360 attached it it, and is just as good.

Paid £1055 for it, getting JL to PM for me.

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