Which 36'' to look out for...???


Duncan Craig

Hi all,

It's been great to read the posts about peoples issues with the current choice of big T.V.s

Thank God, you all seem to be as fussy as me, which is a comfort.

I work in front of a single 50Hz Grade 1 Sony HR trinitron all day editing T.V.
So when I go into a shop and the assistant talks rubbish I get totally riled because a lot of the techno speak that they are told to use is marketing crap.

I've edited digitallly for 10 years, but a CCD and CRT are analogue devices, digital T.V. all looks heavily compressed and full of artifacts, but my analogue reception at home looks great. Gimmicks just don't cut it with me.
Although I love widescreen (been working this way for years now), and 24 fps progressive scan seems to be the future post production format.

So please clarify a few point for me if possible,

- Can any 100Hz TV run in normal 50 Hz mode? (salesmen have told me that the tubes are different)

- Can I get it in Black? (I'm going to get flamed, but I hate Silver frames around the picture - looks great in the room, but bad when watching the T.V.)

- Are the Tosh picture frame sets any good? (the same saleman told me that they are the worst available in the price range)

I played with a lot of TVs in stores recently but its hard to compare them side by side. Which sets should I try to look out for, cos salesmen seem to run away from me when I ask them to switch off 100Hz, (they don't understand that I think it looks terrible - on normal field based pictures) 100 is more than 50 so it is better apparently. One guy even refused to switch off Pixel Plus insisting it looks better with it on (I'm not kidding!)

Thanks for any feedback, hope I don't sound too arsey, I'm not honest.

Cheers and keep quibbling.


From my limited knowledge the answers are:

1. No not all tvs can switch between 50 and 100Mhz. Sony tvs with DRC can be switched. Can't comment on other makes as I don't own any of them.

2. I reckon the best looking widescreens in black are probably Loewe. I'm sure someone will shoot me down for saying that.

3. I so wanted to buy the Toshiba because it is(was) the best looking tv when it came out. But all the problems posted on this forum put me off as well as the John Lewis salesman saying Sony had the best pictures.

Rumour is that there is a new Sony 36" iDTV coming out later this year and I am waiting for that. It will save me having yet another box and remote control by buying integrated.

I've read elsewhere on this forum that Harrods are very good for demo'ing all equipment but when I went there a few weeks ago the prices were not discounted on current models.

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