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I am sure that I will get a variety of opinions, but as a sceptic of magazine reviews I need help choosing a 36 inch screen.

Most of my viewing is Sky with increasing DVD use. I am not too concerned about sound quality as this will be fed through a Sony DAV 500 system. My options as I see them are as follows, but I am open to any feedback. I have no real brand loyalty and looks of the set is not of great concern - value for money is.The prices shown are only approximate "best pricing" seen advertised.

Philips 36PW9525 £1200
Hitachi C36WF830 £1200
Panasonic TX36PL30 £1400
Toshiba 36ZP18Q £1450
Philips 36PW9607 £1450

I am usually fairly good at making this type of decision but the inevitable contradictions in reports and other threads has destroyed my confidence.

Thanks in advance
Yeah same here I would like to know too :)

I am after one I will add a Panasonic TX36PB50C £1,529.49 to your list too...I wonder if there really is no clear winner as to why you (and I) are are finding it hard to choose :rolleyes:
There's also the new Sony KV-36FS76 coming in Sept/Oct. Hopefully should be free of scrolling bars.
have you got any further details on the new sony...

will it include dolby digital or vanilla pro logic?


Sorry but no info. available yet. You could try Sony helpline on 08705-111999.
I would personally recommend the Philips 9607..

I have had a Sony KV36FS70 for a few years and have had loads of problems.

I finally swapped it for the Philips and am so far over the moon.

On top of saving over £600, I would say that the picture is FAR superior than the Sony..

Even my other half is impressed! As soon as she watched it, she said that it had a MUCH better picture.

The only area that it doesn't compare is the 'stability' of the pictuire.. When you get areas of bright contrast, the edges of the picture get sucked in or out.

Other than that, its near perfect.

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