Which 32inch HDTV LCD for around £800


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I’m new to the LCD stuff and would appreciate some pointers.
I have a budget of £800 and have been scouting around a bit to find a good LCD 32” HDTV.. and come across a couple off good ones called:
ACER AT3201W 32 LCD-TV for £780 @ misco & Hyundai 'ImageQuest' HQL320WR 32" LCD TV for £758 @ ebuyer.

After reading lots more articles on this forum it seems the ACER is the better off the 2, however there is a lot of talk about the Samsung LE32R41BD for £850

Could someone point me out to which of the three (or suggest a better one) I should go for.


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If your primary interest is viewing SD material from Freeview, Sky and/or DVD, you should check out the Sharp LC-32P50E, currently available for as little as £760.93
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