Which 32" LCD for Freeview/PC?!



I'm looking for a 32" LCD TV for watching Freeview on... I won't be watching HD, just SD. Also, I would like to use my TV as a PC monitor too! So ... is the Toshiba 32WLT66 a good choice, or are the Samsungs/LG's any better?


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Just bought a Samsung LE32R71 in white and i cant fault it.
Running PC thru VGA and picture is excellent. 1360x768
Running Tosh SD360 thru HDMI set at 1080i and picture quality is fine.

Been playing some HD stuff thru it on the PC and its quite amazing.

My bro uses the LG 32" LX2R wit his setup and thats also a great telly but i think the Sammy jus pips it in terms of value!

Forgot to say that mine is the non freeview model. I already have a digibox so didnt want to pay the extra for a built in tuner. Yes i'm a tight git!


LG 32LC2DB are very nice. DVI-HDMI cable gives 1360x768 resolution, 1:1 mapping I believe. Pretty sharp picture. Sound issue when dynamic screen setting is below 91, but LG now have a fix for this. Good Freeview picture also.


I'm in the same position.

Can't decide whether to get the LG 32LC2D or the Tosh 32WLT66


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Lg 32lb1d

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