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I am looking at buying a 32" TV. I am considering the Panny 30PD, the Philips 9308 and Thomson 643. I Have a Toshiba DVD (SD220) already but am also considering a all in one cinema system like the JVC QP ES7. Most of the viewing will be Digital SKY.

Question is which TV. After reading threads on the Panny I am taking fright. The Thomson does not appear to be discussed that much. I would appreciate some views on these TVs.


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The Panny PD30 is in many ways a fine TV. It's styling means it will fit into the same space required by many 28" sets, it has great connectivity (4 Scarts + component input) and will accept both PAL and NTSC progressive scan.

However...mine is being replaced on Thursday. It suffers from many of the problems discussed on this forum (colour dispurity, dirty screen, black crushing...). Opinions seem to be that it's a quality control issue and some sets are better than others. Hopefully the replacement will be better.

If you're going to buy, I'd recommend purchasing from a source with a good returns policy - someone like John Lewis.


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re the 9308, one thing to remember is the number of inputs. If I recall correctly the UK spec 9308's only have two Scarts of which one is RGB. I think it also has a side connection (S video) but this isn't the tidiest place to permanently connect equipment. This may be worth bearing in mind depending on your other av equipment and their output or if your thinking of changing or adding av equipment. I opted for the 9528 p+ which has three scarts ( plus side connection as previous) purely for the additional scart.

Overall I am really pleased with my set and its picture.

I looked at the PD30 which has 4 scarts as previously mentioned but it was quite a bit dearer, so opted for the Phillips.

Take time to view the Phillips and Panasonic in store, as you will have realised from reading these forums, some people don't like the extra processing, others think the picture is amongst the best. If you enjoy sports check that your comfortable with the extra processing, as sometimes I find when watching football on my Phillips the ball occasionally doesn't appear to travel smoothly. I tend to switch to 100Hz or double lines when it bothers me.


I am also considering to buy a new TV with the following features:
32" CRT
progressive scan
component input

I have found the following models on the market:
Panasonic TX-32PD30D
Thomson 32 WB 642 S
Toshiba 32ZD36P

Which one would you recommend?

It looks like the Thomson TV would be a good choice.
What do you think?



Peter F: I have considered the Scart issue with the Phillips. As I am also planning to buy the Home cinema system. I will make sure that between the 2 I can achieve all I want. The favourite for Home cinema system is the JVC QP ES7. The amp on this has 4 scarts. One to the TV and 3 inputs, so that should cover it. I do watch a lot of sport, footy, cricket, golf etc, so your comments are welcome. From what you say, it appears that by switching modes you can cater for different viewing needs.

thewolf: I initially considered the 36" Toshiba, as Costco are selling it for £1300. But I think 36" is too big for my room, even though my son wnats me to buy it so he can play 4 player games on it with a games cube. Unfortunately Costco don't stock the 32" model, otherwise I would have been tempted. They have a fantastic return policy.

Just think about spending £1300 pounds on a TV started me thinking that it would be better to spend may be £800 on a TV, I think both Phillips and Thomson can be had for about this amount, I could spend £600 on Home cinema all in one and ultimately have a better setup. Does this make sense?

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