Which 32/37" LCD TV



After reading these threads constantly for three weeks, buying numerous magazines, visiting lots of shops and asking everybody I can, I still can't decide which LCD TV to buy.

My main usage is for Telewest Digital and DVDs and the requirements are:

- has really good picture quality on above
- must look really good (in wifes opinion)
- HD ready
- is around £1600
- Will be future proof for next five years
- doesn't require too much fiddling with settings etc to get best picture quality
- doesn't buzz (we've already changed a dimmer switch to get rid of that!)

Currently I'm considering and why:

JVC LT37DS6FJ - looks great with stand, is larger and seems to tick all of above
Sagem HD32LT - looks appeals to the wife, good connectivity, cheaper and available at JL with 5yr guarantee.
Loewe Concept 32 - looks great and seems to have good PQ.

We have discounted (all IMO):
Samsung - wife doesn't like triangular bottom
Hitachi - seems to be a problem with buzzing (according to threads)
Toshiba with stand - stand is strange

I hope to upgrade my DVD player from an oldish Pioneer all-in-one to an upscaler, continuing to run the sound through the all-in-one amp through optical connection.

Hope you can advise either on which of the list or whether I should go for something else?


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