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Which 28" Television?


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Hi all,

Complete noob to the TV scene here, although I do have quite a good AV setup (apart from my current TV which has just gone bang! :rolleyes: )

As such, I've compiled a shortlist of possible contenders for the space in my living room. I'd be REALLY grateful for any thoughts on these, since the other half is pushing me to get a replacement asap :laugh: , and I haven't had time to actually SEE any of them yet!



Any thoughts and comments much appreciated!! :thumbsup:


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Personally I'd go for the SOny - 50Hz Wega tube, good DVB-T tuner


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I had kinda wittled it down through browsing the web to the Sony or the Philips.

The Sony has a Digital tuner but is 50Hz.

The Philips has no Digital tuner, but is 100Hz.

I already have a Digibox, so get no benefit from the Digital Tuner as such - so is the WEGA tube at 50Hz better than a Philips at 100Hz? Or is it something you really need to SEE to judge?

Thanks!! ;)


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Ok well I went to Currys today to have a look at both the Sony and the Philips.

The Philips definately had a better picture definition, with the 100Hz picture definately better than the 50Hz picture from the Sony - although part of this may be down to the usual shop-crap input.

I did notice a bit of blurring when things on-screen were moving though, which wasn't present on the 50Hz Sony - why was this? Anyone know?

The Sony on the other hand is a Digital TV so perhaps more future-proof, and the software/on-screen menus seem slicker.

Reliability-wise I've noticed a lot of complaints on the web about Sony sets - are they unreliable, or is it just that there are a lot of 'em out there in comparison to Philips?

My head says that the Sony would be the best buy, however the picture on the Philips just seemed better. Gawdammit, I'm still no nearer making a decision - the Mrs is gonna kill me if we don't get one soon! :laugh:

Loofer 2

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ok, as for the digital side you need to understand one thing, your current set up lets you record a station and watch another because you have an analogue tuner in the tv and another in your recorder. If you have a digibox and an analogue tv then you have only one digital tuner meaning you can not watch one digital channel and record another, all you can do is record a digital channel and watch an analogue one.

If you want to be able to watch a digitalk channel and record a differnt digital channel you need two digital tuners, if you already have a digibox then an integrated digital tv will give you your second tuner and free you up, so it certainly won't be a redundant function.

I think 100Htz is over-rated myself and not worth paying for, given the choice i'd got for a digital 50Htz over an analogue 100Htz set.


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Thanks for the info.

I've been doing a bit more web browsing since then around the 'motion blur' with 100Hz TVs and I think on balance you're right about the Sony being a better option.

At the end of the day I've had a 50Hz TV for donkey's years and never noticed any particular flicker.

So, the winner is the Sony. :clap: Now to find the best place to get it!

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