Which 2 bay Synology NAS


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My current setup:

Old PC running Serviio
1TB USB External Hard drive

I stopped using the WD for Streaming as I hated the rubbish streaming software so its just used to backup documents and disk images

I use the PC for streaming and use Serviio which I like. The Movies, Photos etc are stored on the USB drive

I would like to consolodate these tree devices into one.

There seem to be a confusing array of 2 bay Synology NAS boxes:

so which would you advise please
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I got the DS220+ about a year ago and upgraded the memory very cheaply with a 4GB Crucial stick of ram at the same time, it does everything I need effortlessly including running a Plex server that effortlessly serves several different family members homes, and sometimes 3 at the same time. I also use Docker for testing alternative software, which again runs great with things like Jellyfin etc..I also use it for time machine backups of my iMac.

I got mine for £230 and £18 for the Crucial memory upgrade which is a good price given it's performance in my opinion. I cannot fault it so far.


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Thanks for the reply, having spent this morning googling I am leaning towards the 220+

Looking at websites it seems cost effective to buy it already preloaded with a couple of drives compared to buying separately

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