Which 19" TFT should I buy for my Xbox 360?


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Hello Guys

I currently have an Xbox 360 and I am starting to struggle to play games like Top Spin 2 or LMA Manager 2007 because I just cannot read the text on the games. This is due to ghosting of the text on my Flatscreen Sony TV. The TV is excellent for TV, Sky, DVD, Etc but not very good for Xbox 360 games.

I would like to buy a HD LCD for about £600, but I just cannot afford it, and I cant realy justify paying that amount of money for a new HD Ready LCD when I still have 3 year warrenty left on my Flatscreen Sony TV.

So I have decided to buy myself a 19" TFT Monitor and the offical Xbox 360 VGA AV Cable.

I am currently looking at 3 different montiors but I dont really know what im looking for, I am hoping that some of you guys can help.

Please can you tell me which out of these monitors you think is best, or if you have a different one which one do you have and what do you think of it.

I have been told that if you want to run games on a TFT then you need to get one with Contrast Ratio of at least 700:1, Im not sure what this means or if this is even true.

I look forward to your replys.

The 3 montiors I am looking at are

Digimate L1931W 19" Widescreen LCD Flat Panel Monitor


Price (£) ............................ £ 129.99
Contrast Ratio .................... 500:1
Built-In Speaks ................... Yes

HannsG HGHW191 19" Widescreen TFT Monitor


Price (£) ............................ £ 149.99
Contrast Ratio .................... 700:1
Built-In Speaks ................... No

Acer 19in Widescreen TFT Monitor.


Price (£) ............................ £ 139.99
Contrast Ratio .................... 700:1
Built-In Speaks ................... No



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I'm in the exact same boat as you and have been looking for a monitor the same size and price range for the past few weeks. Of those three, the Acer has had a ton of great reviews and has been my favourite so far.


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I haven't heard of the digimate but the HannsG and Acer have both been said to be good choices on other forums and posts.

I actually went to Argos and got the Acer a few days ago but can't touch it till Christmas morning.

Here is an image of the Acer running the dashboard I found, so you can get a feel for it.

And here is a slightly better one.

And here.

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Another recommendation here for the Samsung 940MW, it is about £250 so more expensive than the monitors you are looking at but it is so much more than a monitor with component/VGA/DVI/scart/s-video/composite inputs and the quality is excellent.

Indiana Jones

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Indiana Jones

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Im using the HannsG right now, I have my 360 plugged in and its great. However, I also use my mac on the same monitor using the vga so I;'m often unplugging each device, sometime the xbox cable becomes loose causing the screen to turn purple, moving the cable around solves the problem but sstill somthing you might get if you use it with computer and console. Otherwise I carn't complain and the price is good too.


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Right guys thanks very much for all your help

I have decided that I definatly want a 19" Widescreen TFT that costs between £120 - £ 170

I have looked in loads of shops and even more web sites over the last few weeks and I think my final desicion is the

Gateway FPD1975W


They stock it at Staples and it costs £159.99

What do you guys think of this, and does anyone know were I can get it any cheaper.



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The big difference I can see between the two is as follows:

The Gateway is High-Definition, But is the LG HD, and in what context is the Gateway HD, Please help.

Contrast Ratio

Gateway ............... 700:1
LG ...................... 2000:1

Response Time

Gateway ............... 8ms
LG ....................... 5ms

Im not really sure what Contrast Ratio or Response Time mean and I dont know which one is more important when using the TFT for Xbox 360 gaming.

Please help, what is more important and what do they mean?


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I dont understand contrast ration fully myself - i know the higher means better BUT the way companies measure it isn't always the same so LG's 2000:1 might actually be something more like 1000:1 in another companies test lol but still the monitor looks great.

The response time is to do with how fast the screen can update its image, if its slow then old images will be still be visible when new ones are displayed, thats how ghosting occurs, so in this situation you'd want one with a low response time. I think 8ms is fine, 5ms better i guess, i might start playing pc games too which is why i went for a monitor with a low response time, i've also seen a few monitors with 3ms!

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