Which 16:9 Projecot are you using or what would you buy


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Mar 29, 2002
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There seem to be more true 16:9 projectors on the Market.


There also seems to be a 50:50 split between LCD and DLP.

Prices start from £1500 (or less) to £10,000 (phew)

Whats are you guys using and if you were to start again with up to £4000 what would you buy?
Panny PTAE100. Cheap, stunning (I have not been foolish enough to raise my standards by looking at CRT or DLP), widescreen.

4K? would by Sony 11HT probably.

Go for a Sony 11ht. Fed by a HTPC it should be superb with a dvd source. I feed my 10ht from a HTPC and the picture is very good but not as good as an 11ht as this will run at native resolution.
The Sony 12HT is out now, it came top I think in some US magazine recently out of projectors in the range $3000-$4000. I personally am looking forward to the Sony VPL-HS10 .... sounds promising lets hope the price is not hiked like most things in the UK.
I'm using a Barco 9" CRT projector, it can be used as a true 16:9 or 4:3 projector. No LCD or DLP can match it for quality. As well as the detail and totally gorgeous colours it can also do perfectly smooth pans with R1 DVDs. Panel projectors don't stand a chance. ;)
I am using a Epson TW100 and that is what I would buy if I had to do it all again!

Some screenshots (using cheap interlaced dvd-player and s-video, analog tv trough composite looks almost as good!):

My TW100 screenshots
(Also posted in the "Yamaha LPX500 LCD Projector" thread)

Had another look today at a shoot-out in a local (Japanese) mag. In the entry level section they rated the Epson TS10 (1st) and Sony HS1 (2nd) overall best for performance/value. The Panasonic TH-AE100 got good points for colour but overall the the Epson was better, 2002 tech vs 2001?, so not too unexpected. However the AE100 at 735.367 GBP is over a third cheaper than the TS10 at 1,178.27 GBP. At the high end the Sony VPL-VW12HT (2,568.91 GBP) stormed past the Eposn TW100 (2,098.83 GBP) and new Yamaha LPX500 (no street price yet).

Checked out the Epson TS10 vs the Panasonic AE100 at a local shop, the colours really are richer on the AE100.
I've got the AE100 - nice and will do the job very well for the money. Only have s-video running into at the moment so can't comment on its true potential.

I haven't seen anything that justifies its price tag when compared to the Panny at the moment. Mind you I haven't done any major research as I'd probably depress myself!!

I'm an extremely satisfied Sony VW10 user. If I was buying now, I'd be looking at the VW11 or VW12.
I viewed a demo of Sanyo PLV-70 in a "cinema" with 150 seats and a 400" screen. Impressive !!!

watch out CRT! The others are aproaching from behind..
I have seen advertised 2nd hand a Sony WH11 for £2800 with 20 hrs on the bulb.

What do you think?

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