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Which 1080P Panel for 360 output?


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Hi all…. First post after much reading on this great site!
But my head is spinning :/

I’ve held off getting HDTV until 1080P came down in price and I’m finally about to buy one…

I post here as I’m mainly using it for 360 (not Elite) and will probably get the HD drive addon.

I’m looking at the Toshiba 42X3030D at £750 (ish) but it won’t do 1080P via VGA, has 2xHDMI(1.2)
Samsung LE40M86BD which can do 1080P VGA and has 3xHDMI(1.3) at £880

Is it worth the extra £130 for the Sammy? As that money would get me the HD drive,
but would it be as good over Component?

Thanks in advance.



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I got the toshiba 37" yesterday and have 360 hooked up by component and the pic for games and HD dvd is awsome no complaints from me :thumbsup:


Distinguished Member
I got the toshiba 37" yesterday and have 360 hooked up by component and the pic for games and HD dvd is awsome no complaints from me :thumbsup:

Same - I've had the 37X3030 for about a month and have been blown away by it. It does 1080p over component as well. Picture quality is amazing, and sound is pretty damn good too. Even standard definition tv is decent if you're sitting more than about six feet away.


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now I've just found the Samsung LE40M86BD for £835 to my door!
Things change on a minute to minute basis in the world of TVs :)

Thats the set I first looked at, as initially it will be for my bedroom, but I'm hopefully moving into an apartment soon and thought I go bigger in advance :)


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I know how confusing it can be. I eventually filtered out everything and just cut it down to three options - Samsung, Sharp, and Toshiba. Went with the Tosh because it was best for me - everyone will have their own preference.

Only minor niggle I would have with the Tosh - nothing to do with the quality of the set - is the shiny black surface of the frame causes reflections which can occasionally be distracting when watching tv/gaming.

By the way, if you can pick up the 42X3030 for ~£750, that is a great deal. I paid £720 for the 37" only a month ago.


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I've got the M86/87 and use it for my 360. It also does 1080p over component too although I use VGA now. Great set, wouldn't change it at all :)


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I got the Samsung last week and couldn't get my 360 working using the vga cable with it so went out and bought the official component lead. The picture is great and it takes all the games that my VGA cable wouldn't on the old telly due to the 50/60 mhz issue. DVD's look great as well through it. Only downside I've found so far is that the gloss surround finish attracts so much dust but can certainly live with that for the great picture and look of the tv!


Standard Member
I just bought the Sammy.... £828 from Empire Direct, have to pick it up, but I got 3 Years cover on it too!!! can't wait!!!!!!!

follow my other posts to find out how I got it so cheap ;)

Thanks for all the advice!!!



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Unless you want a really big screen (50" or over) or you sit really close to the screen - like 8 feet or closer, you are not going to see any difference in a 1080p output. It's all marketing garbage. Get the best 720p TV you can afford and go with that. The Panasonic PX70 or PX700 plasma is a fantastic set for that money, and if you really want 1080p output the Panasonic's will take a 1080p signal and downscale it really well. I think you can get a 42PX70 Panasonic for about £850 now with a 2 year warranty.

VGA and Component from the 360 are about the same, but if you want DVD upscaling you will need VGA.

For more information hang out in the plasma forum (if you dare :D)


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could someone please post dome photos of 360 or any other console on the samsung 40M8 1080p tv, im thinking of ordeing one next week,

does the reflective screen matter too much?

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