Where's The New Pace Box?


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As per subject really. Anyone seen one as of yet??


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I think the Samsung box will be released first as it's undergoing staff trial at the moment.

Well... Pace told me on the phone that they started shipping boxes to Sky 4-6 weeks ago. However, they said that they did not know when Sky would start installing them? I have also asked EuroSat who had no idea Pace were making Sky HD boxes? :confused:

Not at all interested in the Samsung box.


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What are the benefits to the newer boxes?

I'm looking at ordering Sky HD and hate to think I might miss out on something!
Is it still the case with Sky that it's pot luck as to which box you get?
Would there be a better chance ordering from an independant?

Miss Chief

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Slim to none most likely. By all means ask the installer if he has one but the call centre monkey won't have any influence over what box you get.


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Considering you're probably paying ~£200 for the box then I think it's very unfair to be given a lottery when it comes to choice of box.


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Someone in my team had a Samsung box installed for a customer today.

If they are being installed have you been told of any differences between the boxes.

Also being Sky have you been told of any bugs which officially don't exist but Sky clearly know exist, such as the DD issues that started when Thomson started making Sky+ boxes and seem to have persisted through the years.


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The Pace box will hopefully have a better scaler for SD (Thompson does a terrible job).

The hardware will hopefully be better quality and support DD5.1 via HDMI.

Most importantly, the box will hopefully be more reliable.

We live in hope. :)


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My Sky-HD comes Thursday. If the Engineer happens to have a selection of boxes on board, which should I beg for?:lease:

Thanks in advance


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I would love to know anything about these new box's as i'm looking to order Sky HD in a few days! :D

Does anyone know if the Samsung or Pace box's will look the same to the untrained eye, or a brand new design??


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Just had confirmation of my HD installation date, 30th May:eek:

Apparently this Friday is fully booked but and i can only really have it done on a Friday.

Anyway ive asked them about a Samsung/Pace box and they said they only fit Thomson boxes. I then replied i know Samsung/Pace are making them to which i got "Its Thomson or nothing, theres no other boxes" ??
Hmmmm :rolleyes:


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I doubt they will have any major modifications to the box, if they did then they would need to make more firmware versions, and Sky aren't going to want to do that.


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just gave sky a call as i'm thinking about getting sky when i move. as there is a communal dish where i'm moving to the sky agent put me through to a local sky engineer/agent.

the local agent was Spectrum UK in Croydon. i had a chat with the guy about packages etc and lead in time. at the end i asked him about the HD box and said that i knew most of them were Thompsons. he said that the boxes they have are all new Pace ones now.

not sure if its true but if it is then i would expect them to start showing up very soon.


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I spoke to a senior sky engineer yesterday and he said that there is not going to be any other boxes than Thomson for the moment. Maybe by the end of July ?????


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For crying out loud SKY can we please have these blasted Pace SKY HD box's .... these units were originally supposed to out last December for goodness sake :mad: :D

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