wheres the christmas spirit ??

hi everyone i have posted a wanted ad on here for people to donate to me any old gift sets perfume or aftershave or costume jewellery for a couple of elderly people i look after who have no families of their own all it would cost is a stamp and an envelope and even though 148 people have looked not 1 person has even said hello :eek: :( so is it everyman for himself nowadays have been doing care work for seventeen years and never asked for anything in return but all i need is some of those mentioned above so these people have a prezzie to open on xmas day i dont even get paid till after xmas or would buy them myself again like all the other years can anyone help out :lease: :lease: :lease:


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If I had anything to send you I would but over the last couple of weeks everything we didn't want has gone in a skip.

Happy Christmas anyway, It's a lovely thing that you are trying to do.



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i have a bottle of expensive aftershave you can have...unwanted gift, as i don't wear aftershave.

lisa burrell

asda next to the home baking isle

Mod comment. Not very helpful in a serious thread, Lisa...

Cynthia 7

Hi pixie,

Didn't see your other "wanted" post before although I've seen it now and someone else has offered help today.

PM me with your address and I will be happy to send something along, it may get there on Saturday.
:thumbsup: hi friends first of all thank you all so much for your kindness and time its greatly appreciated i have pm'd my address to all those who have offered to help and just want to say happy christmas to all and i think you are all wonderful
thanks friends once again and happy christmas to everyone for the gifts you have kindly donated ,last night i spent two hours out in the freezing cold going into every single shop in our high street and have quite a few donations of gifts my elderly folk will be so happy cant waitto see their faces
thanks and lots of love
pix xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:clap: :clap: :clap: :thumbsup:
cynthia thank you for the gifts they were perfect you and your family are very kind i have wrapped them all and will take them to work with me tomorrow once again thanks to all who have helped
happy christmas

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