Where's my PIN ?


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Hiya folks

As the title states where's my PIN

Had HD installed yesterday but cant find anything relating to the PIN ohter that its in my T/C that came with the box but I've checked 3 times.

In the words of miss Pitstop

If it is a brand new install then it is the last four numbers of your viewing card serial number, if it was an upgrade with the card being previously used in another box then it will not have changed.


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Found it

1st result when googled SKY + PIN came up with the solution on this site but couldnt find it when searching through this site.:rolleyes:

Default is the last 4 digits of the sky card

But i have to phone them to change it:thumbsdow

EDIT: or I could have waited 2mins and got 3 responses on here

You guys are great:clap:
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Sometimes your PIN isn't the last 4 digits of your viewing card as I annoyingly found out when I had Sky+ installed and the bloody multi-room viewing card had a PIN that was not the last 4 digits :rolleyes:.

I hadn't changed it because it was a brand new viewing card, so either the installer did it to be a :censored: or something went wrong at the viewing card factory.

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