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Dec 16, 2003
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I have been into ht for a few years but but am only just realising the abyss that i am heading for,(fellow nerds here i come).
With advice from the forum i have set my system up using the raddyshak spl and video essentials. Tannoy eyris2 fronts,centre,
rears,Denon 3802 amp. Harmon Kardon dvd 25, and Panny 300 proj.
My sub is a yammy 305 which is not up to it so it's going. I thought i would play about with some low freq tones to see how low the sub goes and if i could tell when the fronts came in.
Downloaded a LF sweep file 15 to 80hz and produced seperate files in a music prog rangeing from 20 to 100hz then burned them into an audio disk to play back from the dvd.
My problem,(about time eh) i can hear the various freq from the sub and also the centre speaker,but none from the front left and right,i've played with various settings,like large/small and all of the crossover settings in the set up menu.
If i play a music cd inthe dvd the bass plays back (as far as i can tell)fine.
anybody know what i am doing wrong ?
I'm not sure about this but I guess the tones are being directed to the centre channel only. Which I think would happen if they were mono and processing was turned on.

Have you tried setting the centre to none or playing them with processing turned off in straight stereo mode?
doh! i think you have spotted my deliberate mistake.
I was only going to test the sub at first then decided to put the tones through all of the speakers,so i "may" have recorded them in mono.
I will try again, thank you
Where is new crobuzon?
Do the new tones work?

You can visit New Crobuzon in the book 'Perdido Street Station' by China Meiville ;)

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