Where would you go to get a sub repaired?


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I have a paradigm servo 15 which has some damage, i.e a hole in one side (about 3" long, punched right through), and I need to get it repaired. Does anyone have any recommendations of 1, where could I take it to be repaired, and 2, how much is it likely to cost?


Ian J

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When would you want to get it repaired when it was delivered damaged to you within the last couple of weeks. I thought that RS were replacing it.


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It's just out of curiosity really, Richers are just going to bin it....I might make em an offer to keep it, but want to know if it's repairable first.


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Its not as much a repair job as building a new cabinet.

If its well built there is no way you will get one side off to be able to replace it. You will need a new cabinet making.

If your handy with a bit of woodworking skills it will only cost you the going rate for HDF of the required thickness.

If making an offer to them keep it low as all your paying for is a driver and an amp.



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Wouldn't RS be liable though if you electrocuted yourself or something similar due to this hole, I would think that is their reason for wanting to bin it.

Paul Smith

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If it's just a hole in the cabinet, that would be dead easy to repair.
And of very little cost (you could even do it yourself), it's just very basic woodworking.


(If you got it cheap and decided you didn't want it I'd be interested) :)

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