Where to test Tube/Valves and Valve tester

Don Dadda

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Hi good folks of AVF

Would anybody know where i can get Tube/valves and a valve tester checked/tested in the London area - preferably South London.

I'd found a Max Funke K.G. 590 Adenau /Eifel and a couple of boxes of Tube valves (Mullards, NEC, and a couple other makes) in the loft when we moved into our current house (almost 10 years -wow, where has the time gone). The previous house owner was a tv/radio engineer and these (almongst copious amount of TV parts and a few 70's TV dotted about the house and garden) were left behind.
Most of the valves looks in working order but these and the tester are nigh on over 50years old so i dont know just by looking at them

20130926_210852.jpg 20170504_165934.jpg 20170504_171917.jpg

I don't know if they work or not but would like to get them check and tested so see if they do as i want to move them on.

As well as a picture I've attached a list of the valves and research found that some go for eyebrow raising prices



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Try posting on headfi. There is a big tube community on there.


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The vast majority of those valves are from 1970’s TV's and I doubt they're worth much.

Don Dadda

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Thanks Hix. I'll have a look

The vast majority of those valves are from 1970’s TV's and I doubt they're worth much.
Being quite old valves, This is what I thought but when I did Some research a little while back, some at the time were still selling For more than just a few pounds.

The tester is from 50s early 60s and being fairly vintage stuff may appeal to a collectior or nostalgic person.
Either way, None of it is of any good to me and as they say, one man's rubbish is another man's treasure.
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