Where to Start With FileMaker?


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Like many semi-professional computer users, I've never really got to grips with database applications and have managed to use (abuse?) Excel for most of my needs.

Having seen some examples of FileMaker databases recently, I reckon I could do some useful stuff with this package. However looking on fleabay etc. I'm confused over what I need.

I think that for OS X I'll need version 5.5 or higher ... is that right? Am I better looking for any particular version? I'll mainly be running on a high-spec Powerbook. Just looking for something to play with at the moment so what's the cheapest option to get me going?

Thanks in advance for any help :)


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The latest version of Filemaker for the desktop is FileMaker Pro 9. It costs $299 and offers alot of bang for your buck.

There are free alternatives such as mysql. Here is a set of instructions from the Apple Developer site on how to install it and here is a front end interface that you can use. It requires a bit more work but it is free :)


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Thanks for that itsamac ... I've had a look at the links, interesting stuff but more than I need or have time to exploit at the moment.

I think I'll keep watching out for a cheap earlier version of FM. In the meantime I might have a play with Bento (Although how any software house can believe that advertising something as having 'an iTunes like interface' will be a selling point is beyond me :rolleyes:)

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