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Where to start, what to get?

Discussion in 'Projectors, Screens & Video Processors' started by ailean, Oct 27, 2003.

  1. ailean


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    I've been thinking of getting a projector (oh for about 5 years :blush: ) and am looking for some ideas as going somewhere to demo them seems impossible.

    I have a vague idea of some of the specs I want but I've only really used a few data projectors (LCD) so I'm not sure.

    1.Possibly DLP (only really read the blurb not tested my self)
    2.XGA native res (for PC and HDTV)
    3.Progressive Scan
    4.DVI+HDCP or HDMI
    5.1000 ANSI min (Room will mostly be dark as window behind screen)
    6.Ceiling Mounted approx 10-12 feet from screen.
    7.Quiet as above seating position
    8.16:9 ratio capable (maybe a 16:9 chip as will mostly be widescreen film usage)

    I'm looking at £2000-£3000 max including mount and screen so limited budget. This will be for mostly DVD WS films, with occational 4:3 ratio DVD, 16:9 & 4:3 cable films/series and PC web and games. The screen will pull down in front of the TV and as the window is behind it the curtains will be closed when in use.

    Not sure of the screen size, maybe 90", certain more then 50".

    Not in a big hurry so anything new I should watch out for, current models that'll work and if the whole LCD vs DLP thing is worth worring about?

    Oh and anywhere in the West Midlands that I can actually see them in action? :)

  2. Anders_UK


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    DLP is the way forward..has been for years now and will continue to rule for a very long time.

    A few new advancements have been implemented and some new ideas/developments are well under way.

    Your DLP projector will be a low output one with the cash you have so make sure it has the HD2+ chip, 1280x720 and with increased contrast levels due to the increase to 100% mirror surface area! Also the new RGBWB colour wheel with the new segment to improve temperal and colour dithering with an increase in bit rate too. Don't think the Scrolling Colour Re-Capture wheel will be out for a while yet.

    Also to bear in mind is the 'Mercury' project that TI has launched with major PJ manufacturers to build cheaper and better 3 chip solutions. But again can't see these hitting the stores for a while either.

    Just go for the best currently available - but colour wheel speed and contrast ratio's will be key!
  3. Peter Parker

    Peter Parker
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    Apr 6, 2001
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    The HT1000 would currently fit your spec, and is haighly regarded. It's probably the best image for around £3000 and can be used as a dedicated 16:9 projector despite being 4:3 xga.

    Definately worth a demo and I'd sugest that you don't buy anything sight unseen, especialy if you're not sure if you're susceptible to the rainbow effect.

    There are always newer and better projectors coming out though, so it might be worth waiting, but as this process rarely stops, you could be waiting a long time before you buy.

    Anders: I've seen the new 7 section RGB wheel with the dark green segment, but not the RGBWB wheel. What is that exactly? I thought the dark green reduced the dark area dithering...

    7 segment wheel pic here:



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