Answered Where to sell used lens?


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I am based in London, and have some used lens to sell, can anyone give some advice where is better to sell them? I listed them in Ebay for a while with reasonable prices, but not sold yet.



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You can try and sell them here or you could sell to various secondhand dealers like WEX, London Camera Exchange or MPB photography.

markie g

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Thanks! which one normally has a higher quotation according to your experience?
I've had a mixed bag, so best to do it on all sites and see what the difference is.

As Sep said, try listing here (but expect to have to post first due to being a new member with 0 feedback).

Personally when i sold my stuff i looked at used prices on ebay and what they had sold for at auction. Then made that roughly my base price, then look to take anything around that minus 10-13% (the percentage what i'd expect to pay in ebay fees and paypal fees).

If i couldn't shift on here i'd see what MPB, wex etc would offer - depends how desperate you are you to sell. 9/10 you'll get more money if you can sell privately, if have the patience.

Could try the talkphotography forum too.


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You may get a better deal from a dealer if you're trading in - if you're just selling then they're less attractive.
I'd try the classifieds here - it's free and I've had a lot of good experiences - just read and follow the rules and use common sense about who and how you trade.


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As Mark said, Talk Photography has an active Classified section, but you do need to be registered with the forum for a period, and have a number of posts before you get access to it (and the moderators there do check the posts are genuine, and not just 'Agree', or 'Like' posts to get your count up).

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