Where to put the DVD, Sky box, Amp


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I am in the process of mounting the LCD on the wall, but am struggling to come up with ideas as how to hide and how to control the above. I don't really like the idea of them 'on show' or in a cabinet below the TV. The option of routing via the ceiling to a cabinet somewhere else in the room has been considered, but the wife doesn't want a enclosed cabinet. The other option is to hide in the understairs cupboard, but this brings problems with controlling the equipment and loading DVDs etc. Has any one had similar issues and resolved or have any ideas / pics on how to store below or to the side of the tv.

thanks, appreciate its a personal thing and all that.


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F, did you get an answer to your query? I have similar questions?


No and I don't think there is one. Whichever way you look at it, its a personal choice. In reality the DVD in the cupboard under the stairs is not ideal or practical. I am going to have to force the wife into buying some sort of sideboard or having something under the tv!>>?


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Just done exactly this.

At first I got hold of an IR repeater but once I got it I realised that the wire wasn't long enough so I looked at other things. (IR repeater for sale btw!)

I've ended up with a Harmony 895 (really please so far) which has an RF base/extender unit that you place into the cupboard where your devices are and it sends the appropriate IR signals.

Under my stairs (about 4m behind where the TV is mounted so the cables run straight through the wall behind the LCD, no cabling and no devices in my floating wall... looks lovely :) ) is a 360, Sky HD, amp and an HTPC.

I use the HTPC or Xbox for DVDs and it really isn't much of a hassle to walk the extra 6m to the cupboard in the other room rather than to the TV cabinet. How often do you watch a DVD versus the normal TV for the benefit of a clean look?


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This is what i was thing about, we creating a fake wall to surrond the tv on the wall and the gas fire below it. to the right of this is the dining table so the only place is to the left in some sort of cupboard the problem being there will be a sofa in front/next that may get in the way if your sat on the sofa opposite.

My thoughts on this were even if say the sky box was on view we may still be struggling to send commands so may aswell get a nice cabinet so hide it all away and get a couple of IR extenders for the sky box and the DVD player. Think about it your getting up put the DVD in and then sit there for a couple of hours. :thumbsup:


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I had an idea in bed one night :rolleyes: about how I could hide all the components.

Build a false wall, and cut out sections for each of your amp, dvd player, sky box etc and then install shelves on runners (like you get on a computer desk but heavier). These would probably have to be custom made. The depth of the false wall would have to be made to measure with the deepest component.

When not in use, everything would slide into the false wall, and either appear flush or you could have some sort of covers to mask the fact they are there, making it even more wife friendly!!

I hope that makes sense!

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