Where to put all my devices with a rear-pro?


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I am about to move house and am getting a Toshiba 42hw36.

The tv will go in the corner of the room and there is no room either side for my dvd player, digibox, PS2, VCR etc as there is a fireplace on one side and patio doors on the other.

I can get a stand for the tv but it will not provide enough storage. I guess this is a common problem for anyone that owns a rear-projection tv, so what solutions have you put in place?

One route that I am starting to explore is the use of a transmitter device. I could put my hardware on the other side of the room giving the tv an uncluttered minimalist look and then use one of these wireless devices to transmit the audio and picture signal to a receiver behind or underneath the telly.

I know that these evices are usually used to relay reception of SKY TV to an upstairs TV but has anyone used it for routing in the lounge? Is there any loss of integrity in the picture or sound? Do the devices transmit in digital?

I intend to rig up all of my kit via an Onkyo cinema amplifier/receiver. Should I plug the outputs of that into the wireless device? Are there any issues I need to consider in this general approach?

Many thanks for your time!


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OK - no response to my query above yet so if you read this and own a rear projection TV please could you just tell me where you put all your kit - do you have a stand that holds all your equipment or do you have another solution?



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Here's how I've set mine up....


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I don't think you should use wireless as they send the picture using the composite output from AV component, which is the lowest quality picture connection. The picture will also go haywire every time someone turns the microwave on. (Well mine did, when I used the device to send pictures upstairs.) These senders are great for a small bedroom TV but you don't want them to be in the path for your biggest and best TV where you are trying for the best picture and sound you can get.

I would look at Ikea for some sort of free-standing shelving system so the side supports went either side of the TV and shelves across the top, on which you could put all you components. I don't like the optional shelving unit that goes under the TV, it is ugly, not big enough and moves the TV away from the optimum height for viewing.


Having undergone this set-up prob with a toshiba50wt29b rear pro.. i hope that you may find the following helpful:
(sorry not up with the tech lingo..)
i have one of those wireless senders to watch sky upstairs and while the picture is very good, i tested on a rear pro and its not good, the interferance shows up alot..

anyway I brought a entertainment unit for the dvd player, sky etc

I had to build it my self but it really does the job.. (you can place your stero in place of the tv shown in the pic) the draws help to store game controllers, spare batteries, remotes etc..

I also brought a scart switching box (5 input, 1 rgb out to hook up a dvd player,video,sky, playstation etc) as the tv only has one rgb input (not sure on newer toshibas) then you run one high quaility scart wire from the switching box on the entainment unit to the tv and the rgb in... (if you have a toshiba dvd player you should use the component inputs.. they really help with the picture..) as you only run one wire between the two you can place them some distance apart if you wish..

This way all the wiring and there is alot of it can be hidden behind the entertainment unit and all you have to worry about is one wire going to your new pride and joy..
I thought it best not to buy a high unit like the one in the picture as a friend has that setup and the lights on the dvd, sky players are on the same level as the tv screen and can distract while watching..

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