Where to put a plasma



MY black 32" telly now look so out of place in our new silver/wood/glass lounge and I'm working on 'er indoors to replace it with a silver machine.

I'm considering a plasma, but the most logical place to site it is on the false chimney breast above the balanced flue gas fire.

Will the rising heat affect the monitor - I assume a resounding yes.

Those of you who have a plasma where is yours sited. What options do I have if I don't want it on a wall - which is where ideally I would have like to put it.


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I have some space in my gaff if you like! :D


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How about putting it on the wall and then attaching a length of hard wood underneath it like the mantle piece on a normal fireplace. This will deflect the heat back down again and away from the plasma. Cover the lower side of the wood strip with a bit of aluminum or similar to protect wood & also match the rest of room. (note I am not a carpentar or builder, just thinking practically)

As a first test for heat damage, how about taping a soft candle to the wall in the position where the bottom of the screen would go and see how much heat damage it sustains in an evening with the gas fire on?? If a candle is undamaged, a plasma might be ok too?


sounds like a plan. I'll just wait for 'er indoors to feel the winter and turn the fire on.



My plasma is mounted above our fire.

The fire isn't used a great deal and even when it is on, the heat doesn't travel directly up onto the bottom of the screen due to the fire surround of the fire.

It does look the n*ts !!!

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