Where to Position Speakers & Which Ones


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Oct 3, 2005
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Billericay, Essex
I've got a Panasonic 42" Plasma, and an STL600 Pana tuner. My room measures 21x13ft; a rectangle shape. I have two garden facing windows with are on the one of the 21ft walls. These have 1.8meters of wall between them.

I intend to position the panny in the middle leaving around 15" on each side before the windows start (if u get wot i mean). I'm going to position it such that the bottom of the panny is 1.1meters above the floor.

Windows won't have curtains but blinds; Sun doesn't come in, but room is nice and light and airy.
Any comments so far (positioning etc).
The ceiling is going to have about 9 50watt recessed spots (position not defined yet).
Seating will be along the other 21Ft wall and to the right hand side in the form of an L shaped suite. When sitting the distance from ones eyes to the plasma will be approx 9-10ft.

My questions;
1. is it too high or too low, to far or too near?
2. Any comments on whether lights should be position near the plasma. The centre of the plasma will be 27" below the ceiling.
3. Speakers; I don't have an amp; need to pick one; nothing fancy, nothing massive; anyone got any suggestions; Its only for watching normal TV and SKY. (Other rooms is where the good stuff will go).
4. I notice on lots of pics the speakers are about 9-12 inches away on the left and right and above. If I do this they will be just one edge of the windows (typically where u would have curtains pulled back to if you get what i mean). Would it be better to have the side speakers at the very edges of the room (meaining almost 9ft left and right of the screen at the top of the room or in horizontal line of the screen).

Any comments would really be helpful. New to this stuff. Sorry for the long story.

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