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Sorry, it's difficult to think of an accurate title for this thread. While still in the planning stages of my projector purchase, I thought I could have a shelf at the back of my projection room reasonably high up and that would work fine.

It then hit me, that I had no idea exactly where you should be lining the projector up, or in fact if it's all different depending on the model.

Thinking about it, I would assume that if you projected against a flat wall and the projector was at a 90 degree angle to the wall then the lens of the projector would be point smack bang in the middle of the projected image.

But in most of the setup's I see, the pj is ceiling mounted, upside down and is pointing downwards slightly. To the optics of the pj normally point up/or down (depending which way up it is), or in these situations is it just a case of having to use keystone to correct the image.

The reason behind all of this is that if the lens does point upwards, then having it the right way up, on a high shelf might end up with the image on the ceiling :confused:


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It's completely dependent on model. Most are generally edge-based, ie. at the bottom of the screen if table-mounted, top of screen for ceiling mounts, however within this category there is a good deal of variance as to just where relative to the screen frame it is .. NECs for example have a large 'offset' meaning the projected image is many inches above the centre-line of the lens when table mounted.

There are however some projectors like the Sanyos and Sharps with lens shift where the projector needs to be placed somewhere within the borders of the screen, the shift allows for adjustment of horizontal or vertical placement depending on whether the projector has shift in that plane .. the Z2 does, a Sharp Z200 only has vertical for instance.

Note this all presumes you avoid Keystone adjustment, which is vital if you're to preserve picture quality and make use of 1:1 mapping if using a PC or pre-scaled image from the DVD player.

Another consideration is where the air inlets and outlets are, this affects whether you can back-wall mount them, or whether you'd offset left or right if placed in-line with the viewing position .. sitting with the hot exhaust blowing in your ear isn't fun. :D

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