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Discussion in 'Mobile Phones Forum' started by alscds, Feb 16, 2005.

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    ok here the deal ive been with tmobile from day dot back in the old 121 days was when i signed my first contract with them.

    i was going to go on pay as you go just to keep the bills down but im after changing my handset t610 ve always been a fan of ericssons and now sony ericssons i love the software and the rest of the stuff in there phones ive done the whole nokia thing samsung etc and always gone back to the ericssons. now then my prob is ive got m8s on voda who basicali get on the phone and say im fed up with you im leaving then voda say no dont go here have all these goodies new phone blah blah blah !! i phone t mobile and say im leaving they say ok have a good day now ta ta .

    if i went on pay as you go id spend about £15 a month but is there anything else out there that could tempt me into changing suppliers and staying on contract basicali i want the best deal for the least money with a new k700 or k900 thrown in . cheers for your help .

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