Where to get SACD & DVD-Audio


Anyone know of a good place, shop or online, to get SACD and DVD-Audio discs?

HMV said they don't stock them and Virgin's selection is limited. Just found DVD Pacific seem to do a good selection, but any others?


HMV have a very limited selection, but I have seen them stock both DVD-A and SACD. I usually buy from either:

both are very reliable - play.com delivers at the speed of light, whilst cd-wow is useful for DVDs at silly prices (and CDs! - or at least they used to be until recently when regulations forced them all to charge UK consumers more booo :thumbsdow ), usually from region 1,3 and 4 in NTSC.


Thanks I've used play.com a lot in the past and likewise CD-wow. Since those new regulations came in, they must have been cramed with lastminute orders as everything I ordered last week is now on back order!

I'm just viewing www.dvdpacific.com for the first time as recommended in this thread http://www.avforums.com/forums/showthread.php?threadid=115160 - they seem to have a huge range and cheap prices too!

Kazuya Mishima

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.www.euphoricsounds.com are good - they have a decent selection, deliver quickly and have very good customer service should the item you require be out of stock etc


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HMV do stock DVD-A discs but just have the few they have in amongst the cds.

Virgin have their DVD-A discs situated at the start of each genre of music.

Even amazon.co.uk have got a good selection at resonable prices.


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A little tip dudes if you purchase CDs from the Hong Kong website of CDWOW you miss the recent £2 hike that applies to us in rip-off Britain.

Anything to help stuff up the artificially high prices we pay the UK record / high street retailers is fine in my book.Spread the word.


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is that true, as i thought the charge applies when you enter your address?

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