Where to get PSP fixed?

My PSP which I bought on Ebay when it first came out in Japan has recently developed a fault (i.e it is a Jap version).

The PSP keeps on thinking that the left direction button is constantly being pressed meaning that it is now unusable.

Where can I get it fixed?

Will Sony fix it considering it is am import.

Any chance I can get it done on warranty. Should I attempt to open it myself to see if it is just dust under the directonal keypad area.


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Sony Europe wont touch it, your only chance is to find a 3rd party that will do it. Or try to get Sony Japan to do it (fat chance)


its just stuck , try fiddling with it.

my m8 done it to mine once, over heavy on PEs5!
a little tweak soon sorted it and no further probs


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Since you don't have a usable warranty nothing wrong with removing the front cover to have a look (I did with mine to remove some dust).

Just do it in the bathroom after a shower to avoid any dust getting in the case. Also not sure if this breaks a dust seal for the LCD(apparently v poor on early models). Mine was oviously already worn so it didn't matter.

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