where to get digital photos developed ?


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just had a batch back from Tesco (stupid idea), every one is way over exposed and the B/W 8x10's are almost green :eek:

these where taken with a Sony A200 on "fine" setting so the pixel ratio is easily enough to print good quality 8x10's and the colours on my PC screen are vivid and good representation of the actual scenes I shot.

really P'd off :mad:



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I suggest that you do a search on Online printers here. Your query seems to be
"Which are the better places to print your digital images,?" not develop them
If you can print off a few from a decent inkjet you may have a case to get Tesco reprint them as it may be a simple case of poor quality control in their printing process at the time


Photobox & Snapfish........ both good IMO, although Photobox takes the prize. :)

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