Where to get CRT coolant in Glasgow

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I am going to do a "fungus" cleaning of the tubes in my old Sony, and I am after CRT coolant. Does anyone know of a place to get it?


Roland @ B4

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Sony coloured the fluid on the red and green. The blue is clear.
Normally filtering the fluid is enough. Is the fungus on all three?


The fungus is on the red and blue. The green is fine
I will try it with filtering only. I am just thinking what if.. Would be a downer if i spilt some..

I have read around a lot here and on AVS and it seems the colouring isn't that important. So blank fluid should be OK in all tubes.

Well, I'll just have to chance it.



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On my 1271 the liquid was significantly coloured on the Green tube that leaked.

I think it would screw up the colour correction or something but that's a personal opinion.

I personally couldn't get hold of coloured liquid, in the end someone did me a favour by sucking the liquid out of a dead tube.


I have done a few sony units and have it on good word the coloured coolant is nothing more than colouring, its the phosphor that does all the colour work and not the coolant.

Think about it, if it was the coolant they would have all 3 red tubes and funny coloured coolant in front and how long would that last?

Anyway, I havent been able to find out EXACTLY what the coolant is except it is primarily monoethelene glycol, as used in radiator coolant, drag car engines, wine making (yes you can drink it) etc.

I have found that they must have put an additive in it as pure monoethelene glycol is a bit thicker and scatters light a little bit more, but in the projectors I have cleaned out this has still even been a great increase.

I have always had to crack open the front chambers and clean them out as most of the fungus has been fixed to the glass and not suspended in the fluid.

Any questions please send me a message or just ask.

my 2 cents worth ;)

John :eek:
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