Where to get an amp repair in the East Midlands area?


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My 3802 recently died on me (http://www.avforums.com/forums/showthread.php?t=383376). It's well out of warranty and i got it second hand, but i can't seem to find anywhere to get it repaired? I tried contacting one guy but not had a reply, i contacted 2 nearby Denon dealers but not had a reply either!

Does anyone know where I could go or who to call on such a matter? I obviously don't want to fork out a fortune since the amp is getting on a bit and not worth it.


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I had my Yamaha amp repaired at D & J Henry in Coventry, they are on 024 76 431 393.


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Hmm, bit far away, was hoping for something in Notts area or a bit further out. Gave a denon dealer a call earlier and they said they'd take a look but didnt sound too positive... but they are just down the road.


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Hi Oli

Have you tried Forum HI FI in Notts, they are Denon dealers, they are on Mansfield Rd
here is there website, but would say its best to ring, for some reason most these people don't answer e-mail


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