Question Where to get a One Connect box?


My one connect box for my UE55HU8500 was making a terrible noise, its in the small room under the stairs and the cable feeds through into the living room. That noise wasn't so much the issue, but although I could use the tv for smart functions, Netflix, amazon prime video I started to notice some issues whereby my Sky HD box would drop signal, looking at skys hookey signal diagnostics on the services menu I could see that one feed would disappear and sometimes both.

This led me to get an aerial tech in to re-terminate the connectors at the lmb and at the back of the sky box,.. all of course worked then a couple of hours later it started again. Eventually it became a hard fault. I could see the sky menu but to all intents and purposes it looked like the sky channels had disappeared.

Called the aerial guy out, then last night the terrestrial channels disappeared.. no signal etc.

Frustrated I went to bed and powered the one connect box off at the wall. Fired up this am and full signal on terrestrial and on sky.

(note, in diagnosing the above I changed my upstairs skybox with downstairs (where the fault is) and swapped over LMB pairs and the fault stayed with the downstairs tv. There is no problem at all with the upstairs set up either on terrestrial or on sky.

Hope you follow my logic. I think my one connect box is playing up, any ideas where I can source one?

the panel itself is working great, I don't really want to have to splurge on a new tv I think I did only get it in 2014 (or thereabouts), so its outwith John Lewis' 5 year warranty cover period.

Or... does this NOT sound like a one connect issue?


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The sky box services menu is showing signal strength received to the sky box so is not related to the one connect box of the TV. You are still seeing a picture i.e. the sky services menu so signal to the OCB is fine.

You mentioned switching sky boxes to help diagnose the issue but also mentioned switching lmb connections. You need to do either not both at the same time.

With just switching the boxes, if the problem stays downstairs the issue is with the cables to the box or the lmb pair that is supplying the downstairs box so carry on reading otherwise see 2) below.

So next you swap the lmb pairs over so that the downstairs cabling is connected to the lmb pair that was previously supplying the upstairs cabling. If this moves the issue upstairs you know the original lmb pair is faulty. If it doesn't then it suggests the downstairs cabling is faulty and needs your aerial engineer to run a test on the cables rather than just re doing the connectors.

2) Going back to switching boxes, if the problem moves upstairs then the issue is with that sky box.

That hopefully covers the sky issues but I would still be wary of the noise coming from the one connect box as they are fairly quiet.


Hi thanks for your reply, yes rethinking (covid brain) a one connect issue may not necessarily be the sky issue. The sky signal feeds direct from dish/ lmb to the back of the box, its unlikely therefore that any logic on that box would be interfered with by a one connect box downstream of the signal.

I do think however that the terrestrial channels disappearing last night might be, that feed comes direct from the roof terrestrial aerial into the one connect box.

On Sunday I had done some work in the wee room under the stairs and had placed an apple tv box on top of the one connect. I think that may have caused the over heat. Clearly the signal path for the external uht cable goes to the one connect. Presumably over heating might be the issue there, it seems to have cleared after being powered off over night at least.

Worryingly the sky issue pointed to a complete break (or short) across both feed a and feed b as at the sky box services menu there was no signal at all. This was a hard fault for all of Sunday. Only on power off of the one connect overnight has it reverted to full (or at least normal) signal levels.

so to recap, upstairs the fully working sky box A was connected to LMB ports 3 and 4.
Downstairs sky box B was connected to LMB ports 1 and 2. This was showing NO SIGNAL whatsoever downstairs.

Initially (as I don't like heights these days), I swapped box A with box B and box B with box A. The fault remained downstairs. I installed box B upstairs and it was working as normal, so its not the sky HD box.

Leaving the boxes in their new positions I then swapped LMB ports 3 and 4 with LMB ports 1 and 2. No change. No signal at all downstairs.

All highlighting a potential complete break (or short cct) in the feed to the downstairs tv.

So at this point I gave up and pressed the emergency button and wait for the Aerial guy (proper ladders, continuity testers and correct tools for terminating the ends).

Watching Netflix last night all good, then at the end of the night swap over to terrestrial tv. To my horror NO Signal on terrestrial tv at all.

Power off box over night, went to bed in a bad mood and tried again in am.

On power up, perfect terrestrial tv and perfect sky signals.

I have since returned box B to its rightful place in the bedroom and box A to its original place in the living room.

I await the aerial guy nonetheless, as it does not make any sense for this to be (for sky at least) to be a one connect issue.

Sorry for the long spiel :)


So update, just in case anyone has any crazy issues like this.

No further problems with the one connect box, I think the root cause of losing my terrestrial channels was overheating on that box. I had placed an Apple TV on top of the until. It resides in the room under the stairs.

The sky issues continue, I have went from Normal signal on both inputs, to no signals on both and now it currently has no signal on input 1.

The aerial guy called off citing rain ... yes, he is coming back Friday. It looks like there is some kind of water ingress in the cable. Not sure if a short on one input could cause a loss of signal on the SKYHD box for both inputs?

to reiterate, its not the box as I changed the box out with the upstairs sky hd box.

its not the LMB as I changed the pairs and the fault remains in the signal flow (cable) to the sky hd box downstairs.

Total pain though, the mrs is giving me grief about it.

I could try pairing back the cable at the LMB and reterminating further up the cable, assuming there is significant slack but the issue could be anywhere along the length of the cable. The cable goes up one side of the house from the dish, across the roof inside the rear gutter and down the other side of the house and in,

Apologies, this started as a one connect issue (in my brain) and is now more suited to the sky tv forum.

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