Where to get a component - VGA cable?


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Aug 13, 2002
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Anyone know? Would need somewhere that can deliver reasonably quickly and aren't a rip-off.

Farnell Elecrtonic Components in Leeds sell Van Damme coax cable. They will supply cut lengths of the miniature 4 core coax at £8.19 per metre. 50mtr reel is £189 so it is £3.78 per mtr.

Above prices are ex vat so would be an extra 17.5%

I think that Farnell will accept credit card payment on their website.
I need component to VGA though....
Ah, a converter. I think Keene may do one also JS in scotland.
Keene, JS? Are these people or companies?

If they are companies do they have a web address or could you let me know their phone numbers please?

Many thanks

John sim has a small business and makes a number of different converters try a search on the forum.

Mind you, thinking about it, component to VGA is a bit of an oddball.

I'm sure Kene do Scart to VGA but that would probably be RGB.
ahhh just found a VGA = component adapter on the NEC website:D

Looks like the 3 piles of 10m component - component cable that arrived today from tmf won't go to waste after all:D

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