Where to fine tune image: Projector or PSM?

Discussion in 'TAG McLaren Audio Owners' Forum' started by PhilB1234, Oct 11, 2004.

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    I'm currently trying to get the best image from my combination of DVD32r+PSM192 via DVI into a iVision HD projector.

    I'd be interested to hear some opinions as to where the best place is to make adjustments to black level/white level etc. Via the AV32 I can set these levels independently for each input, but I'm wondering whether there are any implications for picture quality (positive or negative) for making these adjustments in the PSM module rather than inside the projector.

    I'm about to audition a couple of scalers, so I'd like to see the best that can be acheived without one first. This would also lead to a third location to make picture adjustments......

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