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Where to find good quality, unterminated SCART & component cables?


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Hi all,

The title says it all really - does anybody know where I can buy good quality SCART and component video cable without the plugs?

I'll be using these for connecting various wall plates under the plaster and I don't want to spend a fortune on nicely terminated leads just so I can chop off the plugs! It would be good to be able to order by the metre too.

Thanks to you all in advance!


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You could try these people, 'KEENE ELECTRONICS', www.keene.co.uk

They sell screened scart cable and RGB cable by the meter, reel lengths of 50-150 meters depending on which cable you want.
Hope that helps :)


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kordz have some great stuff, i have used a lot of there VECTOR-VI
VECTOR-VI cutaway.jpg

Also the stuff from Neotech is good as well


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Thanks guys!

sila1999, the kordz component cable you post looks very good. Do you know how easy/cost effective it would be to get some to the UK? I see on the website that the nearest stockist in Europe is Turkey! I have to say, I loved the look of some of the faceplates they have, just for the space they don't take up. Must be fiddly to wire so many into one plate though.

dansan, have you any experience with the SCART lead sold by the metre on keene? Any good?

I have also found a supracables dealer nearby who might also be able to help - I think they produce unterminated cables.

On a related topic, does anybody know where I might find a twin SCART faceplate? Nexxia have loads of different plates that get pretty good feedback on here, but they don't offer a twin SCART off the shelf.



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Hi there,

Have a look at VDC

They make grown-up cables for professional use, but they have a dealership network who can get you almost anything from their catalogue. They will also make-up cables to pretty much any specification for pretty reasonable prices. I used Stage Electrics
to make me some 3 metre Component Cables for my install.



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this crowd have a good selection of wall plates, they have others on Ebay as well. Dont like there prices though.
There is a similar good selection here i think they do mail order.
As for the cable from Kordz it retails for arouns $25 a meter but trade is around the half that,
My account isnt set up yet but i would recomend getting the crimp connectors over the solder type. Most of the decent plates allow for you to plug terminated cables in from both sides using bullet type RCA connectors



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Hi Sanders79,

Im affraid I've not used their scart cable, but have had them make me some av leads up before, very helpfull when installing 5.1DD and screens in a car etc, had no probs so far.

They also do faceplates, might be worth a call, they have cnc equipment and can mount your choice of sockets in single/double faceplate, they offer brushed alluminium ones too.



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