Where to find dvd's with spanish & english languages?


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Hi! I live in GErmany, and it is pretty difficult to find dvd's here that include spanish dubbing. I could survive with german and/or english, most of times they offer subtitles and that helps also. But I'd like to build up some basic video library, and someday I'll go back to Spain, and friends and family won't really enjoy original versions or german ones...
Is there a web site where I can find nice offers with spanish language too (at least subtitles)? Don't forget they must deliver also in Germany...


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Can you not get R1 as most of them have Spanish Subtitles.
US discs are NTSC

for R1 try dvdpacific.com or dvdsoon ship to Germany.

www.dvd-basen.dk/uk/home.php3 links to reviews
Most of reviews give the DISC FEATURES such as subtitles

Do you have to pay import tax?


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From EU I know I don't have to pay import tax, and from EEUU, I think also not... I think I pay the taxes there. I purchased one an adapter s-video to RCA component (or composite?) and I paid the price they had in the web.
Thanks for the answer, I'll try!


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dvdpacific ship from US and dvdsoon ship from Canada so check the tax you pay in you country.In the UK you pay tax if anything over £18


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This may sound a bit dumb but have you not tried the Spanish equivalent of Amazon or Play.com?

My kids are Spanish bilingual and I've bought region 1 US discs and not all have Spanish as a second language. But all the Spanish disks I've bought have English as an alternative language.

From my recollections prices in Spain were similar to UK prices. And there'll be no import to pay either.

try this No idea if its any good

or search on Spanish yahoo here



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As Chris says above, have a look at the forums in mundodvd.com, they even have a list with online retailers and also about spanish subtitles/languages in R1/R4.

I know what you mean, but maybe is a good thing that nobody wants to borrow your dvds because they are all in english! (it happens to me now!):p


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Good point about lending them, CIMPSA! :)
And thanks for the info... Since I have never had internet while I was studying in Spain, I never learnt which internet sites in Spain are useful... but I know a lot of german and english ones...
Thanks, sometimes the obvious is the option we never think about...

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