Where to demo AE900 / Z4 in Birmingham?



Hey there,

Are there any places to demo projectors around the Midlands area?

I obviously don't want to travel too far etc.

Alternatively, I am going to London next month, does anyone know of anywhere in central London that does demos?


Hey Fluffy, in central you can try ttnhm ct rd but you will probably be disappointed. it sounds like KrishAV in Chiswick might be good. Other than that there is Harrods where sevenoaks runs the av franchise. cant think of anywhere else right now.


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Obviously it seems that the Midlands is devoid of good places to demo AV kit.... :(


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sound acadamy are waiting for a sanyo demo unit but are unlikely to get a panny in as well.
they are in bloxwich and sutton coldfield (01922) 493499.
they are not the cheapest but their customer service is pretty good.

also have you tried giving sevenoaks in brum a ring?dont know if they are doing it but it might be worth a shot.

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