Where to buy Xbox 360 from?


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I have some money in my PayPal account and want a 360, does anyone know any online stores that accept PayPal payments and sell 360's?



Buy instore from somewhere if i were you. Gamestation have some good deals,(where i got mine special instore deal), as do blockbuster i hear. easier to take it back if theres a problem too. As for online paypal takers. Im spent :thumbsup:


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ive had five 360's now in six months! buy from a store!!!!!!!!!

maybe im unlucky, but if you read around on the boards here you'll see its not the most reliable console ever made

i went to GAME for mine and they've been good as gold at swapping it for me when it messes up, withdraw you PAYPAL cash and hit the high street!


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Ok guys, Ill do that. Will take about 4 days to clear into my account though :(

I also heard Blockbuster had some good deals too, so ill pop in there during lunch tomorrow to check it out.

Reason I have it in PayPal is a bought from a shop from ebay, I knew it would take 4 weeks to get here, but having waited 3, I have found out that the consoles they sell are chipped with copied games, which I dont want. So I have asked for a refund from them.

I could have had one 3 weeks ago had I not been so greedy for games, lol.

Oh, and as for GameStation, i saw an advert on TV but have never seen a store near me. Im from Kent in England, anyone know?


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Thanks. Nearest one is 25 mins, ill just go to Blockbuster in town and see what they have. Also have an HMV and GAME, so ill see what they can do.


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Blockbuster they usually have loads of deals, well done on not going for the chipped BTW its worth paying the extra for jhe features safety and not getting abuse from everyone on here.
Also sorry to put this here but someone mentioned returning broken consoles when purchased online how are GAME for this?

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