Where to buy squash rackets?


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Personally prefer in store where I live, bristol but would consider online

I don't know the real value of them always dubious of sale ones saying £100 down to £50 say, so want a decent online store

Only playing as a hobby maybe once a week. My two cheapy £20-30 wilsons have cracked

What's a good budget for mid range and make , model?


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Surely any decent sports shop?


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I bough my last 2 from Sainsburys, same as you I only play as a hobby.

They both seemed decent rackets but to be honest I wouldn't know a quality racket if it smashed me in the face.



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Went into a local one and they have a few
Then googled some I liked and found offers on say at isquash


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Sweatband.com is where i got my rackets at a good price.

My current weapon of choice is the dunlop blackMax Titanium. what a racket.:)

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