where to buy sony str-790s


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i am looking to buy the above receiver but am having a few problems. to start with, where i am at present (northampton) has no good hifi shops. The only two places i found that have these in is the sony centre and comet, both are priced at 299.99.

On the web it can be found at around 229 in many places but all those that i have found have either no stock or have a policy of only sending to your card address. i am at uni and my housemates and i have not got any cards registered in northampton and my parents are away for a while so i can't get it delivered at home.

i also don't drive so going to a shop could be a problem as well.

does anyone have any ideas of the best place to get one of these or a suitable 6.1 replacement? i've been set on this for a while so i haven't really been looking at anything else.



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From my experience at least, The Sony Centre will price match internet sales prices...


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i asked them about their price match and they said only within 25 miles. the only place i found nearby was avland and they are out of stock for > 1 month and most other cheap web sites seem to be out of stock

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