Where to buy PC, advise please


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I am going to buy a new PC and cannot decide where to buy. Should I stick to my local suppliers who I've bought from before or try some of the better priced online retailers.
I have seen a few online suppliers and I can get better for less. However, I could do with some recommendations for the best retailers online please.


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We've used many Mesh PCs at work. In 3 years, none of them has ever had a single fault. This message is being written on the one I have at home. On the odd occasion I have used their Tech Support it has been very good.

Big recommendation from me (and no, I don't work for them).


mesh are prety good in terms of price/performance and offer big company backup. (experience tells me to go with mesh over Dell - all my dell machines suffered from H/w probelms)

You're local / internet based / small bespoke supplier will be able to build you exactly what you want to your budget and often supply 1 to 1 support afterwards.

Personally I'd say support the small guy (but I would ;) ) you can get exactly what you want and support isn't some faceless call centre in bangalore with people who have no real knowledge and are just trained to read off checklists.


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Good advice all round, thank you all. It's 80/20 the local supplier, however, I am still tempted by some online retailers. I will let you know how I get on.

Thanks again :thumbsup:

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