Where to buy Multi Region system



Hi, quick question..

Where can i buy a good priced multi region system...

I know of richer sounds and techtronics... any more? thanks.. needing to order it today..

Was really wanting to go for the Panasonic scht900 from comet but prefered to have multi region..

If you want a sc ht 900, i thing techtronics are about the cheapest for the multi region version at around £425 which comapred to comet non multi verison at £350 theres a big price difference.
Hi Empi. I didn't rate the JVC box - was very tiring to listen to.
Make sure you get a demo to make sure you like the sound or make sure you buy from somewhere like Richer where it is not a drama if you want to exchange it.

My mate bought a unit from curry's and didn't like it but they wouldn't refund it cos it wasn't faulty. Mind you, a short piece of old wire clothes hanger held in two pairs of thick rubber gloves and prodded about the power supply soon had it "faulty"!

Cheers, Mark
I didn't think the JVC THA-75R had tinny sound. The main complaint about its sound is it can't reach the high volumes of some other systems as its only 20-30 watts per channel.

Here's some text taken from a review of the 900 and that describes it as a bit tinny I would say.
Given the Panasonic’s outstanding picture quality,
its sound performance is a bit of a disappointment.
Bass levels are plentiful, but the system doesn’t
actually dig that deep, and sounds rather artificial
and limited with the excellent Solaris soundtrack.
The centre speaker has a respectable amount of
clarity, but sounds scratchy with some dialogue.
Moreover, the slim pole satellites require careful
placement to produce a wide soundstage, and
soundtracks can lack a sense of dimension,
sounding stifled by the subwoofer.
Playing Blur’s Think Tank album is also a bit of
a letdown, and the SC-HT900 doesn’t really make
a suitable replacement for a dedicated hi-fi system.
It lacks refinement, with overly aggressive treble
effects. DVD-Audio playback is similarly unrefined,
and is limited by the inferior specifications of the
system for the high-resolution format.
The Panasonic SC-HT900 has all the right
elements for a decent and well-specified system
and, if you are after a home cinema system with a
five-disc multi-changer for back-to-back movies and
music, it is likely to appeal. But closer inspection
reveals that the SC-HT900 is not quite what it
appears to be. Its under par sound lets it down, and
its progressive scan
and DVD-Audio
claims are very
Had the Panny scht900 couple of weeks now very happy with(remote hard to get used too but getting there) unlocking £19.99 no problem from this company hope it's ok too post link http://www.dvdcodes.net as they say...son! does not apply if you buy in-store! p

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